How Ionic Nano Copper Polymer Technology Work?

By utilizing positively charged, nano-based fluids can coat disinfect and fill microscopic surface recesses thereby providing superior cleaning, disinfection, coating and protective properties.

Through increased surface contact, and adding positive charges, nano materials in nano-based fluids also attain better anchorage – that is, they stick to surfaces better for longer lasting results.

Our unique ionizations and blending process would allow silicate, carbon and nano copper as the base nano particles to mix with special blend of water based chemicals.

Particles maintain the positive charge after application for up to 24 hours forming a uni-layer nanoscopic protection layer.

Viral Shield – Seek & Destroy Mission


Developed using Switzerland technology on Nano-Scopic 10⁻⁹ particles



all surfaces to a high degree against all bacteria and viruses.
against build-up of dirt and corrosion.
for extended periods.
enhances the shine and luster of any smooth surface up to 100%.
evenly on all surface with no spotting.
non-toxic and environmentally safe.


Viral Shield Cleans , Disinfects and Protects up to 24 Hours providing continuous protection against bacteria and viruses.

Application for Indoor & Outdoor

Spray on any surface evenly. Effective and suitable , either external or internal, for public facilities, offices, home, fitness center, public transport, vehicles, worship place and others. Viral Shield can be used  on any surface such as plastic, metal, marble, wood, leather, and fabric like your clothes; whether it is made from natural or synthetic materials.

You can also apply on your gadgets especially your mobile phone.

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